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(Predictive Monitoring)


Upload your shipment plan and organize your trips by grouping your orders into shipments to initiate transport traceability.


Optimize your on-time deliveries and reduce transportation costs by automating the generation of shipments based on order demand. Optimization is available by weight, volume, or pallets. Our algorithms optimize to:

  • Find the most efficient route
  • Determine the route for multiple locations

Access Control

Manage the entry and exit of truck drivers with valid documentation event by event, including the recording of the exact arrival and departure times, as well as the total time spent in the Distribution Center or Plant.

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Yard Management System

Interact with the curtains and bays of the yard during the loading or unloading events while simultaneously having complete and real-time visibility into the yard behavior of the Distribution Center or Plant. This module allows you to anticipate events such as lagging or idle units, in addition to displaying the availability of units, bays, and docks. With automated intelligence, the system triggers alerts for assigned curtains from planning or those that will be occupied soon.



Gain complete visibility and monitoring of your merchandise distribution to track the real-time status of order deliveries. Tracking can be done through our RC Control Track App or our GPS integrator HUB.

  • Ability to configure the system to each client’s business rules
  • Georeference delivery points established by the client
  • Real-time visualization of the delivery status for all active shipments
  • Identify shipments not being monitored due to lack of GPS signal
  • Detect delivery risks based on ETA calculated by our business partner Here Technologies
  • Send proximity alerts for destination awareness
  • Anticipate unexpected logistical events (traffic, route changes, accidents, among others)
  • The system performs self-monitoring to provide exception analysis
  • Send event alerts based on predefined criteria with each client: distance range, destination time, etc.


Our Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) module comprises tracking dashboards to visualize all deliveries ‘out of time’ using tools from our business partner, Here Technologies.These tools provide real-time information, taking into account factors such as traffic and accidents, tailored to the type of unit

Safety Tracking

We are focused on optimizing the tasks of security monitoring teams with the aim of forming a layer of predictive intelligence. We detect: entries into risk zones, unauthorized stops, route deviations, panic button activations, stays outside the allowed time, temperature changes, abrupt braking, speeding, and more. We rely on the parameterization of different security protocols, allowing us to identify situations that could pose a risk in a timely manner through alerts displayed in the system, resulting in immediate attention


The document digitization and settlement module is a tool that aids in managing delivery evidence (ePods) within agreed-upon timelines and validates the received information. Images, text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, codes, and receipts can be scanned. With algorithms and models programmed according to each client’s operation, we contribute to automation to streamline logistic event processes.

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Facilitate the measurement of loading/unloading logistic events by generating a bill of lading document that includes a QR code with detailed order information. This document is provided to the driver so that, upon arriving to load at the Distribution Center (CEDIS) or deliver goods to the store, the bill of lading can be scanned. The system is then updated with the shipment status.


UPLOAD the plan of pending deliveries to stores on our platform.


GENERATE the bill of lading with a QR code to be handed to the driver.


The driver TRANSPORTS the merchandise from the Distribution Center (CEDIS) to the store.


The driver enters the store and scans the QR code on the bill of lading to RECORD the merchandise delivery.

Suite BI

All the modules comprising our comprehensive and collaborative platform generate data that we aggregate into reports and dashboards, forming what we call our Business Intelligence Suite. We provide real-time information and visibility into logistic operations, empowering our clients to make appropriate and timely decisions at the right moment.

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